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We love hearing from popcorn lovers the world over and here is what some of our loyal fans have to say about our Gourmet Popcorn. Why not drop us a line and tell us what you think?


Gourmet Popcorn"By far the best popcorn we’ve ever had!" - Vanessa Francis

popcordicon organge"Love the popcorn!Thanks for the visit to Bracknell!" - Aimee Lester

Gourmet Popcorn"Thanks for the visit to Bracknell! Aimee Lester Never have I tasted popcorn like it! Amazing!" - Donna Anderson

popcordicon organge"The best popcorn-absolutely moreish!" - Kerry Glenn

Gourmet Popcorn uk"What an incredibly tasty treat." - Xanthe Visram

Gourmet Popcorn"I don’t like popcorn but I’m addicted to yours!"  - Jo Bale

Gourmet Popcorn"Your popcorn is amazing. I love popcorn but I love yours more than anything!" - Lisa Bennington

popcordicon organge"Your popcorn is wonderful." - Gary English

Gourmet Popcorn"I tried your popcorn yesterday for the first time and fell in love!" -Vanessa Cullington

Gourmet Popcorn"I tried your popcorn yesterday and had pretty much the whole large bag to myself because it was so good I didn’t want to share it!" - Olivia Parfitt

popcordicon organge"None of the other brands of popcorn are anywhere near as good and addictive as yours!"-  Olivia Parfitt

Gourmet Popcorn"We bought some of your delicious popcorn and the Barnes Fair and are hungry for more!" - Camila Reed

Gourmet Popcorn"Best ever popcorn! Absolutely delicious!" - Sara Nuttall

Gourmet Popcorn"My son doesn’t like cinema popcorn but he loves yours!"- Sarah Julian

popcordicon organge"We seem to be addicted to your kettle popcorn!"- Mary Nguyen


Our mission is to 'create the best popcorn you'll ever taste' using traditional handmade methods. We hand-pop our corn in a giant kettle, hand sift it to remove unpopped kernels and then taste every batch to make sure it's perfect.




10e Butler Road
GU19 5QF

United Kingdom

Telephone:01938 557 456

E-mail: info@popcornkitchen.co.uk