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We believe that popcorn should be a real pleasure to eat, not just something to keep your mouth busy whilst you're watching a film. For this reason we take great care to ensure all our popcorn tastes amazing and is so good you will want to eat it again and again.

We pop all our popcorn in a giant kettle which means each ingredient is added at exactly the right moment to create the taste and texture that we want our popcorn to have. Everything we add to our popcorn is a 'real' ingredient you could find in a kitchen cupboard. We don't use flavour powders, crisps seasonings or spray our popcorn with oil once it is popped to make flavours stick to it.

Basically we make it how you would make it at home if you could heat your saucepan to 400 degrees! This is the temperature at which we pop our corn which helps it to pop bigger and better than you can achieve at home. We also only pop plump 'mushroom' popcorn which pops into a lovely big, round shape. This means you get a great big crunch and less bits of kernel stuck in your teeth than with the 'butterfly' popcorn traditionally used in cinemas.

Finally we use corn oil which enhances the flavour of the corn without adding another flavour to it unlike rapeseed oil which can leave an odd aftertaste. This means our popcorn tastes as you would expect from the flavour description with no nasty surprises. We really hope you enjoy our popcorn-please let us know what you think on our Facebook page.

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  • Sea Salt & Olive Oil Popcorn - a totally savoury taste, the perfect light and savoury alternative to crisps
  • A perfectly balanced sweet and savoury popcorn-particularly moreish it will be gone before you know it!
  • Sweet, salt and a slow warming chilli all at the same time-an incredible taste sensation
  • Got a sweet tooth? Then Simply Sweet is for you, a classic popcorn that is sweet and crunchy.


Our mission is to 'create the best popcorn you'll ever taste' using traditional handmade methods. We hand-pop our corn in a giant kettle, hand sift it to remove unpopped kernels and then taste every batch to make sure it's perfect.




10e Butler Road
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United Kingdom

Telephone:01938 557 456

E-mail: info@popcornkitchen.co.uk